Ramon Zamora


Stairs serve to bridge large vertical distance by dividing that space with smaller vertical distances called steps. To go up stairs one must first lift up the right appendage underneath your body, called foot, and place it on top of the first step. Now you lift the left appendage underneath your body, also called foot. This is how Cortazar explains how to go up stairs. Georgetown is dominated by hills and slopes and has some of the most iconic staircases in the Western World...read more

Music Glove

After building the Atari Punk Console and playing around with noises it made, I starting thinking in what other ways I would be able to control the noises with my body. That when I first thought on building the music glove...read more

Powering Up the Car Barn

The idea for this project was born during a discussion on Psycogeography, the Situationist International, and one of its most prominent members, Guy Debord. We were discussing how spaces excerpt power on the individuals and constrains, not only the way they move, but also the way they behave and interact with each other. By using gaming iconography to awaken certain behavior on the population of the Car Barn at Georgetown University I was trying to...read more

Twitter Bots

Twitter Bots, since I learned of their existence, have always fascinated me. They can range from the bizarre to the useful, and more often than not, they are hilarious. I had always wanted to build one, but I had never had the time or any good ideas to make one. But when I started working at elPeriódico I saw the opportunity to dive into the world of twitter bots and news...read more

Tango with Mossler

ugmented Reality (AR) allows you to experience space in a new way. This AR game, created during my time at CCT using Tango and Unity, was designed to explore the way that a space....read more