Tango with Mossler

Experience space in a new way

Augmented Reality (AR) allows you to experience space in a new way. This AR game, created during my time at CCT using Tango and Unity, was designed to explore the way that a space is created and interpreted uniquely by each person. Visitors held a small tablet, which seemed to mirror the space around them. As they moved the tablet around, suddenly three paintings appear, floating in mid-air.

This AR game layers digital images of the three remaining Mosler paintings over live video of the exhibition space. Players can view the three dimensional objects through the screen and walk around them. When the three objects are aligned properly, they form a rectangular frame. This rectangular alignment unlocks an image of the missing fourth Mosler painting.

The Tango tablet was discontinued in 2018, but Google released a new AR apk for Unity that will work with android phones such as Samsung Galaxy 8, 9 and Pixel. You can find all the files for the application here.