Music Glove


After building the Atari Punk Console and playing around with noises it made, I starting thinking in what other ways I would be able to control the noises with my body. That when I first thought on building the music glove. You would bend your fingers, putting them in different positions (like forming chords), and trying create music with your own hand.

How to make it

In order to build the Music Glove, you would only need the normal parts you would need to build the APC, plus add a few Flex sensors (I would recommend these  ones) instead of using the normal potentiometer.

Here is the list of components you would need:

To the list you should also add a snow glove (Or any type of glove), a 9V battery and  9V snap connector.

In order to build the Music Glove, I decided to solder the parts "on the air" instead of using a printed circuit board (PCB) or a small breadboard, because having the wires exposed like this would look cooler. On my first attempt to build the Music Glove, what I did was to put all the component of the APC on the breadboard and once all the parts were on their place I started taking each one of the wires and components out the breadboard in order (from pin 1 to pin 14) and solder them together. The only problem with this approach was that I was using more smaller jumper wire than necessary.

What happened in the end with this first wire skeleton was that several of the wires started to break when I starting to move it, so I had to start from scratch. This second time I took a different approach. Instead of using the breadboard as a guide I started to solder the jumper wires directly on the 14 pin socket, which ultimately ended in using less wires.

Once the wiring was done I molded the whole structure so that it would fit in the palm of the hand, excluding the speaker that I placed on back.

Once I placed the wires on the palm of the hand, I glued some part of it to the GLove it with hot glue gun (The Flex sensor with the fingers and some wires in the center.


The Music Glove would be easy to use to anyone. Once you put the glove and start moving your fingers would immediately recognize that bending in different forms would create various sounds. This would encourage the users keep moving their fingers and finding more sounds.

Future Add-ons

In the future I would like to add flashing LED to the tips of the fingers. In the first attempt of the APC Music Glove I tried to put normal LED on the tips of the fingers, however when I tried to put them on the circuit, the wire skeleton started to fall apart and I had to start from scratch. I ended up not having time to put them in there for now, but they will be part of it the future. The LED would give the Music Glove extra mojo.