Ramon Zamora

The Augmentation of the Real World

The main topic of this paper is Augmented Reality (AR), what is the technology behind it, what are its affordances and limitations of it. In order to do so, I will mainly borrow some concepts and ideas from three main frameworks. First, we will approach the technology behind Augmented Reality since the 90’s until the present day using as a base Azumas (1997) review of Augmented Reality Systems and the Augmented Reality Markup Language Specification (ARML 2.0) proposal by Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). The Second topic that will be discussed here is how AR, as a new digital medium, is remediated our real world experience. Finally, we will move on to how AR systems enable us to distribute our cognitive process, to make the user work better...read more

Privacy Self Management in a Click Happy Society

Throughout our daily lives we interact with several websites, apps, and many other data collection systems. A study conducted by Lorrie Faith Cranor and Aleecia McDonald from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh calculates the amount of time it would take each on of us to actually read all the privacy policies we encounter on average while we surf the web. According to their estimates...read more