Curriculum Viate

Ramon Zamora

Work Experience

Director of the Social Innovation Lab at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.

November 2019 – Present

On November 2019 Universidad del Valle officially launched the Social Innovation Lab. I came onloadedmetadata aboard of the project to help define the research agenda and objecives of the new space at the Center of Innovation and Technology.

Consultant with the Population Council for the Makerbox project

August 2018 - Present

Consultant with the Population Council for the Makerbox project. In charge of designing several STEAM related activities and organizing all the workshops for the indigenous girls’ makerspaces in Solalá that are taking place from September 2018 to June 2019. In June 2019 the girls organized a Makerfaire where the they showcased all their projects to the rest of their community.

Translator and Local research assistant

September – November 2018

Translator and Local Research assistantin MIT D-Labs research project "Assessment of Potential Opportunities for Use of Digital Payments for Smallholder Farmers in Resource Constrained Settings".

Founding member and shareholder of the Labetnográfico

June 2018 - Present

A consultancy agency offering qualitive research and human center design services to help other companies develop better products and services.

Professor at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala

January 2017 - Present

Lecturer at La Universidad del Valle de Guatemala in charge of several courses including Global Citizenship, Business Anthropology and Deploying Digital Media.

Product Manager at elPeriódico de Guatemala

September 2016 - Present

Product Manager at elPeriódico de Guatemala, working on creating new types of content to engage our audience in a more meaningful and powerful way in a wide variety of digital platforms. Overseeing and coordinating teams both in the newsroom and the IT department. During my time at the organization we have launched newsletters, a mobile application and a chatbot that uses NLP.

Collaborator in the Pilgrimage Project at Georgetown University

January - May 2016

I developed an Augmented Reality application using the project Tango tablet to explore how Mixed and Augmented Reality changes the way we experience the notions of space and place.

Carnbarn Labs

January 2015 - May 2016

Member of the graduate students group from CCT that launched the Carbarn Labs, a space in which peers would share their know-how and skills with others. I instructed a workshop on 3D printing with Tinkercad.

Georgetown's Maker Hub

January – May 2016

Member of the graduate students group who helped organized Georgetown’s Maker Hub and mapped all the different labs on campus.

CCTbot Study

May 2015 – August 2015

Part of the CCTbot Study team during the summer of 2015. We programmed a line-following robot and explored what types of interactions could be built between humans and machines.

Research assistant at Georgetown University

August 2014 – August 2015

Research assistant on Augmented Reality with Professor Evan Barba at Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture and Technology graduate program. The project focused on reviewing the different AR applications available for Android and Apple smartphones, and analizing the design and implementation of saing applications.

Consultant at the Population Council

February 2013

Facilitator in a Workshop for Population Council creating and teaching how to use a Community on Google+ and other social media platforms, and how they can be used to collaborate on investigations and creating knowledge.

Head of the Ethnographic Film Center


Working on recuperating, restoring, and digitalizing old ethnographic documentaries and producing new audiovisual material of our the Ethnographic Film Center and the Anthropology and Sociology Department at La Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.

Internship at Acción Ciudadana

July 2009 - January 2010

Member of the team in charge of the project regulating the government Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program Mi Familia Progresa. The aim of the project was to look for irregularities in the social relieve programs of the Guatemalan government, and train community leaders to audit the CCT program in their own communities.


Spanish: Native language

English: Advanced

German: Intermediate

Key Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Arduino
  • Microsoft Office
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Adobe Suite
  • Unity 3D
  • Blender


Publications and future papers

Things I can do for myself now: Bridging the Digital Divide in the Western Highlands with Rural Indigenous Girls

An assessment of the implementation of makerspaces in rural areas with Population Council.

The Role of Stakeholders in implementing DFS in Western Highlands in Guatemala

An overview of the stakeholders involved in the DFS ecoosystem in Guatemala and the different initiatives underway.